Over 200 Agency Guests and Publishers Attended ClearPier’s Rooftop Party 2016

This year’s inaugural Rooftop Party, hosted by ClearPier, was a big success. Over 200 agency guests and representatives of our exclusive publishers packed the house at the Thompson Hotel Rooftop and lounge in Toronto.

If you missed it, know that it was a pretty awesome party. So exactly what did you miss? Lets begin with:

1. This amazing view.


2.  Some serious poolside lounging…with drinks.


3. A fantastic DJ who kept the party rolling until the midnight hour.


4. So much delicious food and drinks…all…night…long.




5. All the fun… with all the bubbles!


6. The unveiling of our mission film in front of a packed crowd. 


If you still haven’t seen it, check it out here.

7. A showcase of some of our top premium publishers.


8. Sparkling conversation with the industry’s best.  


Until next year… Cheers! Don’t forget to check out the video for more.


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