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We offer publishers who want simple and effective ad monetization a robust, full-stack programmatic server solution. We connect your inventory with major media buying agencies and direct clients all across Canada, so you get the most out of your ad space. Let us worry about the ads. You focus on crafting quality content.




Brand Safety

A Simpler Solution to Waterfalling

ClearTag efficiently unifies demand across direct, programmatic (PMP), performance and open auctions to quickly fill your inventory with dynamic ads and maximize your monetization potential.

Easy Integration

As a one-time implementation that runs in an ad tag, not in your header scripts, ClearTag requires zero hardcoding and makes integration a breeze. Say goodbye to slow load times, and hello to instant access to our massive premium demand pool that includes the world’s top DSPs and exchanges.
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Maximized Revenue

We help publishers augment their open auction revenue by unifying their demand sources, and matching their inventory to the world’s leading brands and advertisers through our in-house DSP, ClearBuy.

Pricing Transparency

ClearSuite allows publishers to see the big picture. Get full pricing visibility on all media buying transactions, including creatives, across all your digital properties and understand precisely how each channel performs to optimize your demand sources.

Brand Safe

Your brand safety is important. We offer a multi-level anti-ad fraud security system that is monitored 24/7 to keep your properties brand safe and fraud free. Know who is running campaigns on your properties at all times.

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Yield Management Expertise

We are here to help every step of the way from implementation, through delivery, and post-campaign. Get expert consultation to maximize your yield. Learn who an audience is, where they go, how they behave, and what sections generate the highest revenue and get more ROI.

Ad Serving

Manage your demand sources, change your bid floors or turn on auto refresh – all from a single UI, and limit direct changes on your pages.

Big Data

ClearData, our in-house DMP, offers publishers access to thousands of data points enabling granular audience segmenting and deep insights.

User Experience

Our full stack programmatic solution for publishers is light and enables quick load times, so user experience is never disturbed.


Get page-level campaign reporting, know which advertising partners are running on you properties, and keep a close eye on top performing SSPs.

“Our partnership with ClearPier in Canada is a key step to better connecting our Canadian audience with advertisers.”

Brian kroski / chief digital officer

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