Everyone has been asking, who is ClearPier? Let us tell you all about our mission.

ClearPier was founded on the firm belief that the field of Digital Marketing must be held to higher standards of accountability. Historically the least transparent elements of Digital Advertising have been ad price, performance, and placement. Advertisers have struggled with the problem of ad fraud, paying for ad placements that deliver poor results.

Meanwhile, publishers have seen their margins shrink as more layers in the traditional ad stack are added into the digital advertising process. Thus the problem in the market: although advertisers over pay for ad space, publishers never see those additional profits, which are instead, reaped by the middle men.Msk

The driving mission behind ClearPier, founded by partners Sunil Abraham (CEO), Jignesh Shah (CTO) and Steve Melles (Co-Founder) in 2012, is to solve this problem by using innovative and creative technology to offer advertisers and publishers a completely transparent digital marketing solution where everyone wins.

At the core of the business is cutting-edge technology and driven, passionate people rallying together to achieve a singular mission: to make programmatic ad buying and selling simple, easy, and brand-safe.

Watch the video and learn all about how ClearPier is changing the advertising landscape in Canada.


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