March 23rd, 2016
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
The Carlu

We’re proud to announce that ClearPier is sponsoring this year’s IAB Programmatic – Live from the Trade Floor event.

Although one of the most significant innovations to happen in media in recent memory, programmatic media buying is perceived as both a challenging and complicated landscape. Automation, precise targeting capabilities, and scale are essential assurances that programmatic claims to deliver, and media buyers have flocked.

But advertisers and publishers want more in return for the money they invest into programmatic. We all want more returns, more transparency, and evermore technological advancements.

As IAB Canada puts it, “Programmatic and its ever-growing eco-system has driven tremendous growth in the media landscape. But where there is fortune, there is inevitably, crime. Wise guys, fraudsters, and gangsters are on the scene looking to take their cuts.” So how do we combat this?

Get informed, learn more, and understand who you can trust and how you can trade ads safely at IAB Programmatic. Join the ClearPier team on March 23rd on the exhibitor floor to explore how transparent trading is the future of programmatic. Hurry, tickets are limited!

We will also be covering the event live! Follow our tweets @clearpier, #iabprogrammatic, #itsclear

Pressed for time at the conference? Want to plan ahead? Schedule a meeting with us now.


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