Digital Marketing is Complicated

We understand that the digital landscape is filled with big challenges that frustrates advertisers.

Ad Fraud


Buying Process



Not Enough

We Make it Simple

We offer a single platform for brands to connect with the right audiences across performance and programmatic campaigns across screens – all within a brand-safe, premium environment.


Save Time

Our algorithms start optimizing over 3x as fast as competitors. So we start optimization sooner – after just 30 clicks. Reduce testing time, and drive more performance.


Save Money

With 1st party data access, we already know which sites best match your campaigns. Stop wasting ad dollars identifying consumers on unknown sites and save your money.


On Every Screen

Our machine learning algorithm tracks consumer buying behaviour on every screen. By predicting when and where visitors will convert, we help you make informed marketing decisions.

Premium Means Superior Performance

Unlike other marketplaces, we offer advertisers the ability to run performance campaigns, at scale. By leveraging the opportunities found in the untapped Canadian market through our exclusive publisher partnerships, you simply get more by partnering with us.

Expansive Reach

Our diverse portfolio of comScore 100 premium publishers offer 2.3 billion monthly cross-device impressions, and a reach of over 92% to Canadian traffic.

Guaranteed Viewability

We transact on 100% viewability – with no added tag costs – and complies with MRC and IAB video viewability of 50% pixels in view for at least 2 seconds, ensuring each of your impressions make a powerful impact.

Precise Targeting

Boost your audience targeting capabilities on our category leading premium publishers with site-level data across more than nine key verticals. Trustworthy metrics and third party viewability reporting from MRC accredited partners including Moat and IAS assures you your results are accurate.

Guaranteed Attention

Transparent, and accountable media buying are essential for success. When you run video campaigns with us, you pay only when consumers interact on or watch at least 30 seconds of your video.

dmnd-hs“As an innovator in Canada, ClearPier is uniquely positioned to serve our sites across programmatic, direct and sponsored content channels.”

Daniel Bornstein / svp, media monetization and operations

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